Bitcoin mining refers to the process of creating new bitcoin while verifying bitcoin transactions.

With a bitcoin cloud mine like BitClub Network, you not only create new bitcoin -but you also earn from the network of miners that you introduce in to the system. 

You will never stop mining because the system assists you in buying new mining power from your own earnings, and the people that you introduce do the same. So you earn and they earn, and because they do, it creates residual bonuses for you as well.

BitClub Network

BitClub Network (Preferred mine)

"BitClub is not owned by any single person or entity, we are a team of experts, entrepreneurs, professionals, network marketers, and programming geeks who have all come to together to launch a very simple business around a very complex industry. Anyone can join BitClub Network and begin earning a passive income by taking advantage of our expertise in Bitcoin mining and other Bitcoin-related services.” Quoted from their website that is actually available in 20 different languages.

Currently BitClub Network consistently mines more than 3% of all bitcoin on the mining pools. 

Their mining pool activities can be seen here on and here on Blocktrail to name but a few.


Their mining facilities

BitClub Network published these two videos of their mining facilities in Iceland. Each miner is individually labelled and owned by a member of BitClub.

Bitcoin Mining Facility #1 Iceland

Thousands of BitMain Antminer bitcoin  miners lined on hundreds of racks.


BitClub GPU Mining Facility #2 Iceland

Here’s a look at their GPU mining facility where they mine Ethrereum and Zcash.


Bitcoin & BitClub Network promo video

The following video briefly discusses bitcoin, bitcoin mining and what BitClub Network is. 
It gives a nice introduction to what bitcoin is and what BitClub has to offer. 
(If you would like to skip the part about what bitcoin and what bitcoin mining is and get to the BitClub opportunity, skip the video to: 7:18)


Are they real?

Here’s a another video published by BitClub Network on their YouTube channel showing of their highly secure mining facility in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

According to the video they use 100% clean and renewable energy (typical of Icelandic energy offerings for big companies). Their branding is visible thru out the video as well.

-I’ve heard a little birdie say that they are actually located (about 70% of their facility) in the Verne Global Data Center in Iceland. Watch the video here.



BitClub Network

Mining Pool

BitClub Network also has their own mining pool that is clearly visible on third party websites like or blocktrail
At time of writing, they are consistently mining more than 3% of all new bitcoin in circulation.


Is BitClub Network mining NEW coins? Here’s proof.

BitClub Network claims to be a bitcoin mine, and as such should be mining NEW bitcoin. Edzardt Joubert had a closer look to find proof that they are indeed doing so.

Some images


BitClub Network 2015

One of the largest Bitcoin conferences in the world put on by ''. BitClub Network was a major sponsor of this Seoul, South Korea event in December of 2015.


BitClub Network

BitClub Network ATMs

BitClub Network have their own Bitcoin ATMs that you can order thru them.


BitClub Network

Iceland Data Center

To view this Data Center, view the video link.


BitClub Network

Iceland Data Center

To view this Data Center, view the video link.


You not only earn from your mining!

As their name implies, BitClub Network is indeed a ‘Network’ or MLM. 

What makes them unique is that unlike other Networks where the people that you recruit lose out unless they can also recruit, or unless they can keep convincing members to buy the products on offer; BitClub Network has no such need. Why? 

Because if someone joins BitClub Network and starts to mine thru one of the mining pools, they will not only keep on earning from that mining pool indefinitely, but the ‘up line’ will also keep on earning from them indefinitely. -As they earn; you earn. And as the membership grows, so the income grows. 

It is a sound and potentially very lucrative opportunity -all driven thru bitcoin mining. 

Here is a 30 minute presentation produced by Edzardt Joubert in an effort to help demystify the compensation plan. I hope it helps.



BitClub Network Webinar - January 28th 2017

Here’s the newest BitClub Network webinar as published on their official youtube channel presented  by the co-founder Russ Medlin.



BitClub Network Compensation plan in 7 parts

Understanding the BitClub Network Compensation plan can be time consuming and a little daunting for someone that just started. So we broke it down in to 7 short to understand clips.


How to qualify

In order to qualify for the compensation plan, you need to have joined the Network for $99 and also have bought any one of the shares available in the mining pools.


The Cycle Bonus

The Binary Tree lets you earn $200 bonuses from members that fall under you -whether they are your members or those of others; even possibly from your upline.


The Binary Matching Bonus

When your downline earn $200’s (Cycle Bonus), you earn another bonus because they earned.


BitClub Network Ranks

To qualify for additional bonuses, you need to achieve the BitClub Network ranks.


Level Up Bonuses - Full Shares

Whenever someone joins thru your referral link and buys a mining pool share, you earn. Depending on how many members you have introduced, these start happening even from the members that your members introduce.


Level Up Bonuses - Repurchases

When a member that you directly or indirectly introduced, compounds (repurchases) from his/her earnings, then you again get a bonus. The same would apply as from the Full Share Bonuses -depending on how many members you have introduced, you can start earning from the members that your members introduce.


Residual Infinity Bonuses

You earn additional bonuses when you achieve certain ranks in BitClub Network.



Bitclub Network is a very good cloud mining investment opportunity to mine bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash and with the proof provided in the form of their mining pool that is pubicly visible and the footage of their mining operations, I can happily recommend them to anyone.

What is really appealing to me is the fact that unlike other Cloud Mining opportunities available, I will not only make my own money back on my initial investment, but I will also earn daily from the members that I either directly, or indirectly have placed in my spillover-matrix. 


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