HYIP Stands for High Yield Investment Program.  

Mostly HYIPs are very high risk.

I do not recommend that you get involved in this if you are afraid of losing your money as there is a high possibility.

!!! WARNING !!!

You get involved in these opportunities solely at your own risk. Some of these opportunities might not be "High Risk" or even "HYIPs" but because I have not been in them long enough or I could not determine if they are real or not. So for now they are still here. Again I have put money into these programs and till now they are working. Once a programe folds, disapears or is found to be a scam I then remove them.

!!! WARNING !!! - You get involved in these on your own risk.


A new MLM Bitcoin Mine that has gathered more than a 100 000 members in just over a month. I personally doubt their legitimacy, but have decided to risk the $100 to pre-fund the wallet to mine witch them.    They have done a lot of work on the platform and even have training videos that cover their compensation plan in detail.    Please take heed of the warnings, but it might be worth a shot.   


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So, what if, I could show you how to make over $6800 in Bitcoins in six months with $32 (0.05 BTC) once off?
- No monthly
- Only recruit 2 (If you can)
- No Selling

Watch the video @ https://youtu.be/glbGHXMfiHg


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